Residential building "Belfield residence"

Location Sofia, Bulgaria
Investor Belfield OOD
Lead designer arch. Radosveta Edreva
Design team arch. Radosveta Edreva, arch. Maya Yovcheva, arch. Galin Vasilev, arch. Antoniya Petrova, arch. Hristo Penchev
Year 2005
Total area 10 824 m2
   The building is located in Studentski Grad and combines residential and public functions. The compositional solution is based on the L-shaped structure, which consists of two residential sections with independent communication infrastructure. Construction of a forum in the park area is foreseen, which shall be dug in the ground and shall have a green roof. Access to the forum via two diagonal stairs and elevator for disabled people. Shops, spa center and an entrance to the night club are oriented towards the forum. The design of the building was influenced by its location and the contact with the environment. It combines modernist vision, memorable architectural appearance, functionality and high level of technological performance.