Residential building "Gama"

Location Sofia, Bulgaria
Investor PLH Invest LTD
Lead designer arch. Radosveta Edreva
Design team arch. Liliya Karakachanova, arch. Julia Dimitrova
Year 2015
Total area m2

   "Gamma" is a building whose design and functionality fully meet the contemporary urban style. The building is situated on G.M. Dimitrov  blvd., it combines residential area, offices, restaurant, children's club and a two level underground parking. The composition solution is a Г-shaped structure with a turbot in the northwest part. The residential housing consists of one section with stairs and two elevators. The apartments are located on six floors, an attic and part of the ground floor. The areas with public functions are located on the ground floor. From the north side – G.M. Dimitrov blvd., there are separate entrances for the restaurant and the playground. A separate evacuation stairway for the underground parking is provided from the northeast façade as well as a separate entrance to the warehouse of the restaurant. In the eastern part of the property is situated the inner courtyard, where the entrance to the residential part is located. There is a concierge and an input for charging and staff of the restaurant and separate entrances for the two offices on the ground floor and another 4 parking lots.