Aquapark "Neverland"

Location Abu Dhabi, UAE
Investor Private investor
Lead designer arch. Petar Dikov
Design team arch. Maya Yovcheva, arch. Galin Vasilev, arch. Petar Jordanov
Year 2002
Total area 270 000 m2

   The world we live in is not the enormous revolving sphere set in our minds. It can be easily gathered in a 50 ha aquapark. All world continents are situated in it along with their culture divergence and natural peculiarities. The dialogue between civilisations is viewed through the ideas of communication, fun and rest.

   The general concept of the park is based on two main human needs - one for activity, movement, knowledge and another one for rest, tranquillity and relaxation. The first need is represented by the Tower as a symbol of the human quaries for development and a glance at the future. These are all man-made facilities. The second need is connected with Nature symbolizing harmony and balance. This one is realized in the wide green and open spaces, water areas, mountains and rivers where one can relax, seek for intimacy and find mental peace.