Administrative building of European parliament and European commissiom

Location Sofia, Bulgaria 
Investor Benchmark ADSIS
Lead designer arch. Maya Yovcheva
Design team arch. Maya Yovcheva, arch. Monika Ivanova
Year 2007 - 2013
Total area 4 500 m2
   The building is located at the intersection of Rakovski Str. and Racho Dimchev Str. in the center of Sofia. In terms of functionality, it combines two main functions - commercial and office. There are three underground and eight aboveground levels - two-storey underground parking, 3 floors with commercial space (basement and first two floors) and 6 storeys high class offices. Access to the garage is provided through an elevator for cars. The shopping area and the office area are separated with different entrances. On the top floor there is a recreation area with coffee bar and roof terrace. 
  The facade of the building is shaped like a uniform structure resembling crystal. For its attractive appearance the designers have used a common world practice - facade with mesh structure built entirely of metal and glass. The design is in sharp contrast to the adjacent residential buildings built by the middle of the twentieth century.