Hotel Macedonia

Location Cavtat, Crotia
Investor Minstroy Holding AD
Lead designer arch. Petar Dikov
Design team
arch. Valentin Dobrev
arch. Maya Yovcheva
arch. Galin Vasilev
Year 2002
Total area 11400 m2

   The site is located in the coastal zone of the town of Cavtat and foresees the reconstruction of the existing hotel Macedonia in view of its transformation  into a modern, four stars hotel complex. A rational way of using the existing building and the fitting of the expanded space in the unique silhouette of the city is sought as well as finding of balance between old and new. The ground floor of the hotel is reception - having foyer, reception desk, lobby bar, trade center and a restaurant. The space between the hotel and the promenade is terraced and the construction of a swimming pool with sunbathing terraces is foreseen. An amphitheatre is situated there as well (for performances, concerts, etc.), which stage is in the middle of the pool.